The predominate universe that has organic life in it, only few galaxies hold intelligent life and fewer hold civilizations that interact with each other.


An irregular Galaxy much akin to Nilmeiia


Ahutii is thought, not just as a universe but a living thing in it of itself, it grows it has intentions, contentiousness, and can make actions to make it last much longer. Not much more is known about how Ahutii functions or the way it thinks all that is known about its life cycle is that it expands and contracts every twenty trillion years as if it were being re-birthed, and it is held up by the goddess of Naveah (NAy-Vuh). The entire galaxy is split up between three separate groups: The United Galactic Government (UGG) Is a democratic party the aspires to connect the entire Galaxy with diplomacy and war. Ethereal Whispers: A separatist group from the UGG that uses violence to stop the unfair treatment of certain peoples in the galaxy they truly believe that what they are doing is a good thing and will help many of those in need, they also feed starving planets and help the transport of goods. And finally the smallest group Vocal Fixation: A musical group that consist of 8 people who aspire to connect the galaxy with peace, song, and art. They are a formidable foe for the two groups and are gaining traction faster than both other political groups combined. Territories are still disputed.

Hyami, The Noble Gases, O’mabus most align with the UGG.

Lispus, Cakuop, and Bixaasnus most align with the Ethereal Whispers.

Inesi, Titanis, Nircosi most align with Vocal Fixation.

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